Why You Should Take Early Morning Hikes


Traveling in a recreational vehicle, like your Glacier Ice House, puts you in close proximity to some of the choicest hiking trails in the country. And the best time to enjoy them is early in the morning. Here's why you ought to get up early and hit the trails in the morning before the sun even rises.

It's Good for You

Hiking is an excellent way to burn calories, benefit your cardiovascular system and even promote bone strength and muscle growth.

Because hiking is so versatile, practically anyone can do it. You don't have to be a marathon runner to start hiking, just choose a hike that is appropriate for your fitness level and advance to more difficult hikes as you feel comfortable.

It's Free

Hiking doesn't cost a dime, so there's no financial excuse not to. Hiking is an activity your whole family can enjoy together without having to buy tickets or rent equipment; it's absolutely free so long as you've got some sturdy shoes and a pack of minimal supplies.

Hiking Clears Your Mind

Whether you're headed out for a long hike with friends and family or are just looking for a little alone time (we all know that's hard to come by in RVs), hiking can bring you happiness and reduce stress. When you wear yourself out with an invigorating hike, you may actually sleep better and benefit your overall mental health.

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