Your Glacier Ice House is Great for Hunting Too


So you love ice fishing and you're thinking about a Glacier Ice House, but you don't know if you want to invest in something you're only going to use during ice fishing season. Or perhaps you already own a Glacier Ice House and you keep it in storage for the better part of the year.

Whether you're thinking about buying an ice house or already own one, you should know that a Glacier Ice House is more than a quality ice fishing trailer... it can also serve as your base of operations for hunting too.

While Glacier Ice Houses are built especially for ice fishing out on the lake during winter, they're versatile enough to serve for nearly any outdoor hobby, including hunting. This allows you to use your ice house during the winter for fishing and get even more use out of it the rest of the year for hunting excursions.

The same great features that make it ideal for ice fishing make it great for hunting: rugged construction, durable materials, quality craftsmanship, and trailers loaded with convenience and comforts mean that when you're out in the field with your friends and family you'll have a place nearby where you can rest, relax, and process your game at the end of a successful day of hunting.

Speaking of game, if you do bag something, you can use your ice house's galley to prepare some fresh meals just like you would with your ice fishing catch.

Not to mention the fact that bringing a trailer with you allows you more storage space for necessary gear and equipment that you'll want in the field. In fact, the extra storage capacity means you can even bring along some stuff that isn't strictly necessary, but that can enhance your time out there.

Ice Fish and Hunt Out of a Glacier Ice House

Find out more about Glacier Ice House models at a Glacier Ice House dealership. Dealerships across the country carry Glacier Ice Houses in their inventories, with locations that include Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. Find your nearest Glacier Ice House dealer and tour one of our models today. It's an investment that will serve you well all year around for any outdoor adventure you've got planned.